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Staff Recruitment

 Accent Consulting provides the following services in professional recruitment and personnel consulting in Saint-Petersburg:

  • Professional search and selection of engineer-technical personnel (top- and middle-level positions)
  • Personnel recruitment on a turnkey basis (staff recruitment for regional offices, project teams recruitment, etc.)
  • Salary surveys
  • Outplacement
  • Personnel assessment
  • Personnel consulting for organizations
  • Professional seminars for HR specialists
  • Distribution of professional software for HR specialists

Accent Consulting specializes in recruitment for the following sectors:

  • Industrial
  • Real Estate and Construction
  • Engineering
  • IT and Telecommunications
  • Economics and Banking
  • Healthcare and Pharmacy
  • Insurance

Our MISSION is to serve the clients' success by rendering recruitment and deciding their HR tasks.

About our work

Every day dozens of job-seekers call us, we proceed hundreds of resumes, meet the candidates in our office... And we do this to the end that one day the right company and the right employee meet each other with our help.

 About our clients

Our clients are successful companies realizing the significance of human resources in strategic business goals achievement. The companies are ready to invest money in their employees. Doing our job we help these companies to focus on their main business.

About our candidates

The candidates we offer for a certain position have passed the interview in Accent Consulting, meet the requirements of a certain position and have initial information about the potential employer.

About Us:

The main resource of Accent Consulting is our consultants. Recruitment for us is not just personnel selection to meet the certain requirements of an employer. It is an interesting business area, professional community and a complicated but exciting process! Recruitment allows our consultants to widen their knowledge and develop as HR experts. Every new achievement of our consultant is an achievement of our company.


  • One of the biggest automated resume databases in Saint-Petersburg.
  • Individual approach to our clients. By understanding needs of our clients, we make sure we offer the best recruitment solutions for your business.
  • Open-mindedness. We constantly develop, accumulate our experience, set new goals and widen our professional contacts.
  • Qualified recruitment specialists and strong commitment to high professional and ethical standards.

Choosing Accent Consulting as a partner will let you save your time and efforts in personnel recruitment.

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